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Bohemian Rhapsody, the tale to Success. Chapter II: Strenghths, the engine for change.

Let´s face it, Freddie Mercury truly believed in himself, in his talents, in his energy and that he had a message to the world which had to be delivered though a song that could move a whole stadium, the Olympic games, a country and the world. He had a story to tell, and he knew exactly how to do this, he had his own secret weapon… through pure and genuine musical harmonies.

Freddie had the ability and wisdom to see and hear a song inside his head, and create lyrics that came directly from his inner connection with his feelings and the world he lived in. He could channel his inner self, his inner feelings, his inner doubts, his inner fears and transform it into a masterpiece.

And what do we call this? We call it STRENGTH.

Strengths for Alex Linley is: “An existing ability to behave, think and feel that is authentic and stimulating for the person and allows optimal functioning, development and performance”.

This ability made Freddie go beyond his own expectations, made him push stronger, dream higher, made him gain confidence, made him resilient, energised, elevated his self-esteem and ultimately made him happy up to the end of his days.

Another aspect that represented Freddie was his courage, which was reflected in his musical and wardrobe style, being a true icon in both aspects. He was brave enough to compose a 6 minute song diversifying all musical styles and defying everyone who believed that this song was never going to see the light. He proved them wrong, and he stood his grounds by being true to himself, and fought until the song was first played on air in 1975, by Kenny Everett.

And what do we call this? Once again STRENGTH.

And what can we say about his influence over large masses, how with just the palm of his hands he could control and direct 130 thousand people to sing whatever and whenever he wanted. He knew how to make you feel part of the band, an extension of what he was feeling at that moment, his creativity put into action.

And what do we call this? You´re right STRENGTH.

Can we take time to appreciate, how Freddie realized that his best songs were composed when he did them with the rest of the band members, for whom he had the most profound respect. Teamwork brought him to his highest peak.

During an interview he affirmed: “We are four equal people, four members and they seem to call me the leader of the group, but I am just the lead vocalist.”

And what to we call this? You´re right again, it´s STRENGTH.

Finally, I believe that the true trademark of Freddy resided in how he appreciated the beauty of life, of people, of nature, of love… in any form, and how it would inspire him to dig deeper into his emotions and create the most exquisite songs such as LOVE OF MY LIFE, dedicated to his longtime partner Mary Austin.

And what do you call this? Yes, yes and yes it´s called STRENGTH.

Freddie may not have been aware of all his strengths, but he knew one thing that he would always follow his heart which always led him to his own truth.

Having strengths can be the brightest beacon in life, although they can also take you to the darkest tunnels in life.

So how do we recognize our strengths?

Well take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which moments do you feel completely energised?

  • Which moments do you feel authentic and being your true self?

  • Which moments do you feel that your actions are seemingly effortless?

  • Which moments do you feel your selective attention kicks in strongly?

  • Which moments do you find yourself learning something quickly?

  • Which moments do you feel an elevated motivation to do something?

  • Which moments do you find yourself with a higher voice pitch?

  • Which moments do you hear yourself describe something as “I like/love doing…”?

Taking the time to answer these questions makes us aware of ourselves and leads us to the ultimate realization that we are true and unique human beings with extraordinary gifts that just needs to be unboxed.

So once the unboxing is done and we discover our precious gems, how can we make them brighter and shinier than ever?

It is proven that identifying strengths has an effective and positive effect on a short term basis, but in order to create a deeper impact and create a sustainable change on a long term basis, these strengths have to be used frequently. Although, the impact is even greater in cases where the localized strengths are being used in innovative contexts and situations.

¡Applying one´s signature strengths in different contexts contributes to a stronger positive impact on ourselves!

The positive impacts of using our strengths translates into higher levels of happiness, improves our self-confidence, and self-esteem, improves our energy levels, decreases stress levels, increases your resilient rates by going out of your comfort zone and enhances self-development in work by focusing on one´s own strengths than weaknesses.

So are you ready to discover and start using your strengths? Don´t loose time and #betonstrengths and discover a whole new level of #wellness.

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We hope this article has been useful and makes you put it into action. If you liked this article, do not forget to share in order to help other people. In case of having any opinion, suggestion, advice or questions ¡don´t hesitate! Leave us a comment. And if you need to contacts us privately you can send it though the contact form of sending us an email to

Thank you very much for reading!

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